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Core Competency

With a clear understanding of the customer’s quality requirements and market trends, we work together with our customers on projects to develop and deliver sustainable solutions to solve product quality inconsistencies. 


Through the interaction and synergy of our knowledge and expertise on enzymes and micro-ingredients and technical support, we take each project as an opportunity to innovate and produce results that in many cases, surpass all expectations.

Our Team and Facility

Comprising of cereal chemists, food technologists, technical and craft bakers, and process technologists, our multinational team works together to apply our technology successfully to develop new solutions faster, and put them into practice quicker. Headquartered in Singapore, our integrated R&D, HACCP-certified manufacturing facility enables us to efficiently and effectively carry out functions globally from product development to quality assurance to ensure consistent, high quality, halal-certified products for every customer. 

We formulate our products to be adaptable to businesses ranging from local, artisanal bakeries to industrial bakeries with a collective daily output of over a million burger buns. 

Our comprehensive approach and continuous client engagement contribute to our long-standing relationships with many of our customers as we commit to improving efficiency and product quality consistency.

CerealTech Corporate Video

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