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A Micro-Ingredient Company with Patented Technology

dedicated to supplying leading industrial bakeries whose products flow through to key fast food chains and a multitude of main supermarkets and convenience stores in over 25 countries spanning across several continents and regions for more than 25 years. We also supply to artisan bakeries that make unique products to sell within their own chain of retail outlets locally and globally. 


Core Competency


Our core competency is dependent on our unparalleled ability to effectively listen and understand customer quality requirements. With a clear understanding of the customer’s needs and market trends, we continue to work with them to develop and deliver sustainable solutions and products. The interaction and synergy of knowledge and expertise produces results that in many cases, surpass all expectations.


Delivering Sustainable and Cost Effective Solutions

The Facility

Headquartered in the Northern part of Singapore, our integrated R&D/Manufacturing facility includes a fully-equipped QA Laboratory and R&D Laboratory / Test Bakery. These laboratories enable us to efficiently and effectively carry out our Quality Assurance and Product Development functions, so critical for support of our customer’s needs. 


The Team

We have a multinational highly experienced team comprised of


  • Cereal Chemists

  • Food Technologists

  • Technical and Craft Bakers

  • Process Technologists

  • Technical and Projects Support


We also have a dedicated R&D team where we can customise solutions to address the needs of customers. With some of the most experienced talent, we are able to develop new ideas and solutions faster, and put them into practice quicker.


Together, we ensure that consistent, high quality, HACCP-certified products are delivered to our customers every time. 


Our steady organic growth has resulted from our team's ability to apply our technology successfully.

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