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CerealTech's Unique Customised Innovation

Specially Designed to Protect Your IP

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With a great product, there will always be people who want to duplicate your success and name it as their own. You can use patents, trademarks, copyrights or trade secrets to cover different areas of intellectual property. However, all these processes are costly and time consuming. 

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Our IP protection process creates a customised composition of ingredients that cannot be replicated, thus protecting the establishment's recipe. 

The process encompasses Research and Development, Product Development, Process Development, Supply Chain Management, Training and Communication. These are then used by your markets in conjunction with other locally sourced ingredients to create the final product for your customers.

Easy to use with fast turnaround time.

Expand Your Business Safely and Efficiently

Created for food companies who want to expand their business locally or internationally but are concerned about protecting their proprietary information and intellectual property. IP Box solves franchising challenges by maintaining consistent product quality and characteristics globally and gives a competitive edge whilst increasing industrial efficiency.


  • Ensure quality raw material availability even overseas

  • Replicable solution designed specially for growth

  • Maintain food safety standards across all the different markets

  • Cost saving and easy to use

  • Fast turnaround time

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  • Protect your intellectual property

  • Ease in supplying markets overseas

  • Maintain consistent product quality and characteristics globally

  • Maintain final product quality standards despite variation in skill sets, processes and equipment globally

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